Portugal is a nation with a rich culture and history which makes it unique to other nations. It is crucial to explore some of the fun facts about Portugal which makes it unique to other countries in the world. The fun facts about Portugal will assist in acquiring an extensive understanding of the nation.

Portugal is the oldest nation in Europe

The rich history began when Portugal was founded Afonso Henriques in 1139. Later Afonso became the first king of Portugal making him an inventor of the nation. Similar boundaries are used since 1139 making Portugal the oldest nation in Europe. The country remained as a kingdom where kings were the rulers for over 800 years. The kingdom system was changed in 1910 to implement a modern government.

Portugal has the oldest university in Europe

The establishment of universities was meant to increase the higher learning of people in Portugal. Considering that Portugal was founded earliest to all nations in Europe, there was a need to focus on social and economic development. The University of Coimbra is the oldest university in Europe which was founded in 1290 to serve people from Portugal and the European continent. The university was the first university to teach in the Portuguese language. Currently, the University of Coimbra has over 22,000 students with 10% being international students.

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Vasco da Gama longest bridge in Europe

The Vasco da Gama bridge construction work started in 1995 covering an area of 17 kilometers. It has become the largest bridge in Europe which attracts a large number of visitors to the nation. The architectural design makes Vasco da Gama have an earthquake resistance level of over 4.5 times of standard resistance in Lisbon. The bridge is flexible to absorb a long period of vibration from the different vehicles and people passing the bridge. The bridge has improved transport in Portugal to accomplish desired national goals.

The Portuguese language is an official language for nine countries

Portugal was a colonial nation which has made the Portuguese language to gain popularity in different nations. There are over 236 million native speakers of the Portuguese language. The nations that use Portuguese as an official language are Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Sao Tome, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea and Cape Verde.

A large population of Portugal population is Catholics

The Roman Empire is part of Portugal history which makes catholic the common denomination in the nation. Christianity in Portugal began in 1920 where people were taught Catholic morals. Several religious and traditional events are used to strengthen the Roman Catholics. Over 81% of Portugal population is Catholics.

Portugal has largest solar energy plant

The Portugal government is dedicated to ensuring that there is a smooth flow of social and economic processes in the nation. Environmental conservation is a vital aspect in Portugal where solar energy is used by people. The largest solar energy plant is in Alentejo, Portugal which was founded in 2006.

Benfica is the most supported club in the world

Benfica is the club with the highest number of members entering the Guinness World Records on November 9, 2006. The club had 160,398 paid up members in 2006.